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LetsDevOps: Configure Self Hosted Agent for Azure DevOps Pipeline


This blog will help you to setup the Self Hosted agent for Azure DevOps Pipeline. Self Hosted agent is a Machine / Virtual Machine which we link with Azure Devops Pipeline to run the build/release pipeline.


  1. Azure DevOps Organization Details

  2. Machine or Virtual Machine


  1. Login to your Azure DevOps Organization

2. Under Organization Setting Navigate to Agent pools

3. Select the existing pool or you can create new Pool

4. Under the Pool click on the New Agent and download the Package for respective Operating System. In my case i will pick Windows.

5. Once Package downloaded move the file to the Machine where you want to configure agent.

6. Extract the package and you will see the config.cmd file.

7. Run the Command Prompt as Admin and invoke the config.cmd file.

8. Enter the Server URL --> URL of Azure Devops with Organization

9. Next PAT token will be asked for authentication.

Generate the PAT --> User Setting --> Personal Access Token with Full Access

10. Save the Secret and provide the PAT secret to the command input.

11. Provide the Pool Name and agent name [ Any relevant name]

12. On the Successful configuration you can see the Agent is online in the respective Pool under the Project Setting of Azure DevOps Organization.


Sumit Raj
Sumit Raj
Aug 04, 2021


Sumit Raj
Sumit Raj
Aug 04, 2021

If your agent show offline. Login to the Agent --> Go to services --> Check for Azure DevOps Service --> Make Sure the service is running. If your service is not starting change the Log on --> Local System and start the service. Hope this helps.

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