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LetsDevOps: How to configure Octopus External Feed for Jfrog Artifactory and Deploy package.


In this article we will learn how to setup Octopus External feed for Jfrog Artifactory. Further we will use the Package and deploy through Octopus.

External Feed

It helps to configure Package from external sources to be deployed/use through Octopus.



1. Create External Feed

2. Add Deploy Package in octopus Project

3. Deploy Package

Create External Feed

Step 1: Connect to Octopus Deploy

Step 2: Navigate Library --> External Feeds --> ADD FEED [if you do not see this option it means you do not have access.]

Step 3: Get below details from the Jfrog Artifactory.

  1. URL

  2. Usernname

  3. APIKey [password]

Follow below steps ti get these values.

Step 3.1: Connect to Jfrog Artifactory

Step 3.2: Navigate to Artifactory --> Set Me Up --> Select Package --> Pick the Repository for which you want to create External Feed --> Configure

Step 3.3: Get the URL, Username, API key from above step and use while creating the External Feed.

Note: For the demo purpose have used my account.For best practices do not use persnal account. You can use service account instead.

Step 4: Navigate Library --> External Feeds --> ADD FEED.

Step 5: Save and Test.

Step 6: Provide the Package Name like below and Search.

Step7: If you find the matching package then configuration is completed.

Configure Octopus Project

Step 1: Connect to Octopus and Add Step to deploy package.

Step 3: Update the Package Information.

Note: If you recieve any error then possible issue with External Feed Configuration.

Step 4: Deploy and see if the Package Downloaded.



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