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LetsDevOps: Introduction to PowerShell


In this series we will learn the basic of powershell. It is command line shell and scripting language which is mainly used for the task automation.

What is Powershell

Powershell is command line shell and scripting language. It started out as a framework to automate administrative tasks in Windows. PowerShell has grown into a cross-platform tool that's used for many kinds of tasks.

Why PowerShell

Powershell help to automate task in

  1. Windows Administration

  2. CI/CD pipelines

  3. Managing Azure Resources



By Default Powershell installed with windows 8 or later so if you have lower version then follow here -->

Windows PowerShell ISE --> Powershell with Editor

WIndows PowerShell --> Powershell with Shell only

Other OS

You can follow instruction from -->

Visual Studio Code with Powershell Extenstion

We can run the Powershell using the Visual Studio code after installing the Extension. I highly recommend to used the VS code you dont have already

Download VS code for free -->

Install PowerShell Extension

Open VS CODE --> Extension --> Powershell --> Install

After installation

Run your first Powershell Command

Open PowerShell

write-host "Hello Powershell"

Using VS Code


With the Powershell we have thousands of the commands installed. That is also called as built in command.

Each command has concept of and we call it as cmdlets.

Locate Commands

Core commads.

  1. Get-Command --> Helps to display all the commads exist in the systems

  2. Get-Help --> Helps to understand more on specific command

Get-Command -Verb Get -Noun File*


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